Author Spotlight: Brian Rouff

October 21, 2018

Meet Brian who started his creative writing career during a midlife crisis. He has published four books and after many years in the advertising business, he has plenty of wisdom for everyone. Marissa and Halle sat down with him to discuss where ideas come from, using Vegas as a setting, and the hardships of writing a novel.

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Episode 90: The Author Debate - Best Musical

October 3, 2018

Books are known for going from the written word to the big screen, but some go to Broadway. Which book could make such a leap? Halle and Marissa are here to battle it out to figure out that very question. Which will prevail: The Fault In Our Stars or The Princess Bride? Come listen in and find out.


Episode 89: Scenes That Kick Our Butts

September 26, 2018

Everyone has scenes that are difficult to write. Some may feel almost impossible. Halle and Marissa are here to talk about their most difficult types of scenes and discuss how they get through them. Come listen in and see if they have the solution for you!


Episode 88: Book Trope Bingo: Fantasy

September 13, 2018

Once again, Halle and Marissa challenge you to Book Trope Bingo, but this time it’s on Fantasy. Pick your favorite fantasy book, grab a bingo card, and see if you can get a bingo before them. From Chosen Ones to Prophecies, we cover the fantasy genre’s most famous, and infamous, tropes.

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Episode 87: Types of Conflict

September 9, 2018

Ever wonder the names for the different types of conflict? Then come listen to Marissa and Halle discussing conflict and novels that fall into each type.


Author Spotlight: Renee Jean

August 26, 2018

Meet Renee Jean a self published author who’s latest book, Just Deal With It, is about her experiences as a table games dealer. She is the author of Survivor and Never Give Up. Marissa and Halle talk to her about her new book, odd things writers do, and much more.

You can buy Renee's new novel, Just Deal With Ithere.

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Episode 86: What If: A Series of Unfortunate Events

August 1, 2018

Halle and Marissa are back asking what if questions where they then try to see the changes that would be made. Today’s book is The Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket. Come listen in to what they’ve asked.


Episode 85: What a Twist!

July 22, 2018

Plot twists are truly an art, but Marissa and Halle have compiled a list of what and what not to do. With this list, they are ready to help you know what a good plot twist should do. Come listen in!


Episode 84: Would You Buy It? #6

July 18, 2018

It’s time to see which books Halle and Marissa will buy from a new batch of summaries. From hilarious to downright strange, listen in and join in on the fun!


Episode 83: Book Trope Bingo: Mystery

July 15, 2018

Once again Halle and Marissa have taken book tropes of one genre and thrown them onto bingo cards to see if their chosen books can earn them the win. This time they see if they have a book that can conquer Mystery. Grab your own bingo card from facebook at and play along!