Episode 94: Conquering Copyediting

December 9, 2018

Confused by copyediting or just needing a refresher? Then Halle and Marissa have just the thing for you! Covering what is and isn’t copyediting as well as handing out tips, they have what you need. Come listen in and conquer copyediting.


Episode 93: Frankenstory

November 25, 2018

A new game is here! Come listen to Marissa and Halle face off as a guest judge listens in as they try to think of a story on the fly. If that weren’t hard enough, the guest judge throws out words at random that the speaker must incorporate into the story. Who will win and who will freeze under the pressure?


Author Spotlight: Jennifer Hart

November 11, 2018

Come meet Jennifer Hart a children's book author and illustrator. Her debut novel, "Baxter Goes To Imagination Land", is the first in a series. It is designed to teach children about creativity, kindness, and adventure starring her real-life dog, Baxter. Come listen to Jennifer, Marissa, and Halle talk about Jennifer’s books, Book for a Book, and writing children’s books.


Episode 92: Villainy At Its Finest

October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween! On this special day, it is important to look back on one’s favorite villains that terrify the soul. Who would make your top list? Grab some candy, dim the lights, come listen to Halle and Marissa list their favorite villains, and see how many would be on your list.


Episode 91: Is Co-Writing For You?

October 28, 2018

Writing can be a process of solitude...or it can be a collaborative journey filled with action, adventure, and drama, if it’s right for you. If you’re on the fence about co-writing, then come in and listen to see if co-writing is for you. Halle and Marissa are here to talk about their experiences and offer some advice.


Author Spotlight: Brian Rouff

October 21, 2018

Meet Brian who started his creative writing career during a midlife crisis. He has published four books and after many years in the advertising business, he has plenty of wisdom for everyone. Marissa and Halle sat down with him to discuss where ideas come from, using Vegas as a setting, and the hardships of writing a novel.

Find Brian at:






Episode 90: The Author Debate - Best Musical

October 3, 2018

Books are known for going from the written word to the big screen, but some go to Broadway. Which book could make such a leap? Halle and Marissa are here to battle it out to figure out that very question. Which will prevail: The Fault In Our Stars or The Princess Bride? Come listen in and find out.


Episode 89: Scenes That Kick Our Butts

September 26, 2018

Everyone has scenes that are difficult to write. Some may feel almost impossible. Halle and Marissa are here to talk about their most difficult types of scenes and discuss how they get through them. Come listen in and see if they have the solution for you!


Episode 88: Book Trope Bingo: Fantasy

September 13, 2018

Once again, Halle and Marissa challenge you to Book Trope Bingo, but this time it’s on Fantasy. Pick your favorite fantasy book, grab a bingo card, and see if you can get a bingo before them. From Chosen Ones to Prophecies, we cover the fantasy genre’s most famous, and infamous, tropes.

You can get your bingo card here: https://bingobaker.com/pdf/1631536?grid=1&pages=8&show_name=1&call_sheet=1&submit=Print


Episode 87: Types of Conflict

September 9, 2018

Ever wonder the names for the different types of conflict? Then come listen to Marissa and Halle discussing conflict and novels that fall into each type.